The Origin of Jackson’s Choice

Everyone has an origin to a story, right? Well, I’m no different and I have a thousand plus one nuggets rolling around in this brain of mine. This one struck me a few years back while I was cleaning out my horses’ stalls and thinking about the simple life. I grew up down the street from a farm, I even had a hobby farm of my own and as I thought about it this story or fantasy began to take shape in my mind.

A rancher. A new widower. Modern times. Hurt on both sides. These were my notes!

Jackson Hiller, the young widow that formed in my mind was created as a rancher, his story formed as I began to jot down notes which is when I discovered he had a brother, Matt Hiller. The brothers are alike – yet different. Jackson is more black and white, he lives in reality and is tasked with the brunt of the work on the ranch via stress, management and the like, while his brother Matt is a little more carefree and almost seems free of the stress.

This story is told from two perspectives – Jackson first and secondly Fallon, his sister in law he didn’t know existed pops up onto his property with questions and elicits questions from Jackson, too.

Really, it focuses on moving past grief, moving on and where to go from here as a spouse and family member.

I’m not sure how long this will be as I asked the characters to just give me what they had, so we will see!

So, thanks for stopping in and stay tuned for my first post of Jackson & Fallon’s story.


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