Project: Super secret

My first big one

I have tried countless times to write a story, finish it and be proud of it. Each time I hit a mark, frown and close it up. I have around six unfinished projects and a list as long as Santa’s Naughty or Nice.

However! I have decided to embark on a new project, one that I’m highly optimistic about. One that doesn’t have me worrying. I cannot release any information about it outside of “it is a project,” but this time I’m hopeful.

This one has been rolling around in my head and now is the time to jump on it! I am doing it, I am finally going to finish a project.




Nano is coming up, which is a spectacular way to hold me accountable on the daily in regard to this project, but what happens when Nano ends? Prior to deciding, I’d extend my writing into Nano I had found this wonderful site called Pacemaker.

What is it? Well, as it states on their site it is for those participating in Nano, writers, and students. It is free or you can opt for a premium version, but the free version allows for you to open a project, select your goal word count, your start date, and final date. In addition to your goal you can select days off or add-onĀ “wiggle room” days. There is more – you can select how you’d like your daily challenges to appear:

Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 9.58.14 AM

Which I found highly helpful. I enjoy this idea, you can set your deadline far into the future. It’s a great tool and more practical than a time crunch that Nano often provides.

Authors, writers, are you going to participate in Nano? Comment below!